Many businesses focus only on content and internet marketing but fail to address the design and navigation of their website. Some of the things to avoid on your website include difficult navigation and unnecessarily long customer contact forms. These factors can lead to a website that redirects customers away even if your content is up to par.

By incorporating innovative tools to your website, you are creating a better outcome of the results you wish to obtain from your potential clients. With Databot you are able to achieve just that as it is operated to make user experiences more personalized.

Ordering and Booking Process

Enable your customers to order products, book an appointment or make a reservation over Databot with absolute ease.The trouble with online shopping or a booking process is that many customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions immediately with precision. Rather than watching potential customers click away from your website, Databot allows for a 24/7 chat support. As Databot has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want and assist where required.A constant support with an authentic and easily accessible source makes the customer and organisations relationship more meaningful and interactive.

Feedback Collection

Provide your users with a refreshing chat interface for feedback. No more boring feedback forms. Databot allows businesses to monitor and measure interactions with consumers, and optimize experiences by evaluating customer data, sales and construct innovative marketing strategies in light of the analysis received.

Customer Support Automation

Databot resolves your customers’ frequently asked queries and your support team can take care of questions that demand expertise.Most businesses have a web presence. But with being on the internet, boundaries of day and night, availability and unavailability have changed, so have user expectations. This is probably the main reason to use a chat interface. Databot gives the user an interactive experience. It makes customers feel they are working with someone to help resolve their issue. Databot can potentially help customers find what they are looking for and make them more likely to return. Databot provides immediate customer service presence that offers concise answers to some of the most common questions that are raised by your clients and distinguishes the frustration of navigating contact details or wait for a reply to an email.

User On-boarding

Help a user understand about your product and services through an engaging conversation.Databotis ideal for these ‘reach out’ initiatives. To do this, the accompanying action should be short, such as inquiring whether or not the customer needs assistance; which allowsthe customer comfort in knowing that the brand is present and available to assist as needed. This alone will improve the customer’s feelings of closeness to the brand and admires the personalised attention.

Save time and money

Databot reduces overall contact center costs and allows for time management. One is able to pre-select targeted questions for the clients to answer and generates an email directly to you with all the relevant information you would require from your potential client. It is more convenient and less time consuming for both parties without any interruptions and allows for prompt responding services.

A custom designed tool

It is a tool that can be designed according to the user requirements by studying different types of users. Databot is effective on multiple fronts, from knowledge and education to lead generation (data capture and location), sales (recommendations, add-to-cart and purchasing) and customer support (feedback, bookings and reservations).

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