Why should you keep your website up-to-date?

Wondering why your website isn’t giving you the results you need and want?

Knowing that your website is your main presence on the web, your image is significantas it is the first impression your potential clientsacquire of you or your organisation. The importance of keeping your website up-to-date cannot be stressed enough, as this will determine what type of image you present as well as what the outcome will be after crossing paths with your site.

Your website will enable your customers to either make a purchase online or entice them to contact you for further details on a product or service you have to offer.

Many small business owners still abide by the ‘set and forget’ philosophy of website design. As a result, their websites can begin to look out-of-date or unoriginalcompared to websites that are newer or frequently updated. Making periodic changes to your website can help you keep up with popular online trends as well as improve its usability and visual appeal.

Here are a few reasons why you need to consider keeping your website up-to-date:

Google search

These days, almost everything begins with a click of a button and a google search. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, you are probably not ranking too high on that specific search. Updating your website helps you with search engine optimisation.

Online tools

An out-of-style website may not be armedwith the necessary tools that will help you measure how effective your online presence is. Nowadays, there are a variety of online tools you can invest in to help you measure what works and what doesn’t on your website, right down to the smallest detail. However, in order to use these tools, you will need a modern website. 

Mobile friendly

With a new phone launching on the market every year, more and more people use their mobiles to conduct business activities from making online purchases to searching for endless amounts of products and services whether it is on their iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Tablet. Mobile users consider it important that a website is mobile-friendly, and will most likely abandon a website if it does not meet their expectations. As more tools are designed to allow you to go online and not on a traditional computer format, these number of users will only increase over time so it is imperative that you do not get left behind because your website is not user friendly on  a mobile device.

Consider the following when looking at your website on any mobile device:

Is the website easy to navigate?

Does the layout make sense?

Did you learn what your website has to offer?

Is the general appearance eye-catching?

Update your content

There is something about stale content; a knowledgeable web user can recognise at first glance. If visitors to your website perceive that your content is not fresh, they may look at it once and more likely not return again. It is like the difference between a brochure and a newspaper. A newspaper, no matter how small, always has the latestcontent so that if someone picks it up and likes what they read, they will likely pick it up again later to see the newspapers’ newest content. Your website is similar, visitors quickly perceive whether it’s like a brochure or a newspaper and treat it as such. By investing a little time and effort into updating your website, you can dramatically improve your marketing success, search engine rankings and user results.

Stay ahead

The Internet and digital world is constantly changing and evolving. Web standards shift each year, dictating new tools and technologies for building a good website. Your potential clients’ preferences and tastes shift even faster. What was trendy yesterday may not be tomorrow. If you want to get ahead of competition, stand out and be memorable, you need to be active with your approach and website.


Search engines love fresh content so it would be highly recommended that you set up a blog on your website. Every time you make an update to your site, Google and other search engines sneakin and index your pages, thus your site ranking gets recalculated. If you keep your content updated, you increase your chances of getting noticed. Pair that with a mind-blowingwebsite, and you’re guaranteed more attention, social shares and inquiries.

That being said, our lives are driven around having the latest and greatest, people are attracted to everything that is new, refreshing and innovative.

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